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Installation Instructions

Accessory Drive Kits:
625-830X Billet Track Serpentine Drive Kits

Air Scoops:
620-12675 Dual Quad Scoop

Alternator Wiring:
620-3149M - Mando Style Alternator
Alternator Styles & Wiring

Berkeley Jet Drives & More
Overhaul Service Manual
Berkeley Rebuild Guide
Jetovator Installation
Jetovators and 12JF Jet Drivers Trim-A-Just, Electric Trim Control
12JC & 12JG Installation
12J Operation & Maintenance
Berkeley Rudder Installation
150-7000 Smooth Flow HP Handhole Cover
12 JE Mold Insert Installation THIS PART IS NLA
Forward and Reverse Controls
151-25136 Place Diverter Droop Snoot
151-251XX Place Diverter Installation
150-SF2000 Bowl Stuffer
Transom Cutout
Intake Cut-Out Guide
Intake Installation
950-132100 Inducer Pre-Loader Installation
Place Diverter Installation Instructions
Impeller/Wear Ring Shimming Instruction

Bilge Pumps:
135-26012 - Automatic Float Switch Installation

Cables & Adapter Kit Installation:
620-30107 - OMC 33C Installation
620-30212 - Mercury Sterndrive Installation
620-37090 - Mercury Outboard 33C Installation
620-370983 - TRC Steering Cable
620-60226 - Cable Reverser Box
How to Measure for Steering Cables 

680-301-4 Slim Line Pull-Up Cleat
680-301-6 Slim Line Pull-Up Cleat
730-QPC - Quick Pin Fender Cleat

Cooling Systems:
540-160200 - Stainless Thermostat Kit
Log Manifold Cooling Water Diagram
Over Transom Header Cooling Water Diagram
No Bypass X-Over Cooling Water Diagram
X-Over with Bypass Cooling Water Diagram

CMI Exhaust Systems:
CMI Form # 1: Shop Build Information Sheet
CMI Form # 2: Single Engine Transom Layout
CMI Form # 3: Twin Engine Transom Layout
CMI Form # 4: Twin Engine Transom Layout
CMI Form # 5: Twin Engine Transom Layout - Center Engine Y-Pipe
CMI Form # 6: Triple Engine Transom Layout
CMI Form # 7: Single Engine Top View Mounted Engines
CMI Form # 8: Side by Side Top View Mounted Engines
CMI Form # 9: Standard Stagger Top View Mounted Engines
CMI Form #10: Reverse Stagger Top View Mounted Engines
CMI Form #11: Triple Top View Mounted Engines
CMI Form #12: Triple (Reverse) Top View Mounted Engines
CMI Form #13: Side View Stagger and Triple Setup Mounted Engines
CMI Form #14: Side View Stagger and Triple Setup Mounted Engines

Dana Marine Exhaust Systems:
Custom Riser Dimensions Worksheet
Manifold & Riser Standard Dimension
Vortex Riser Dimensions

620-8560 Billet Electronic Distributor

ECU Programming:
ECU Calibration Questionnaire
Whipple ECU Calibration Questionnaire

Engine Guides:
455 Berkeley Packajet Engine Manual
Hardin Marine Engine Manual

Exhaust Diverter:
Air Pump 620-286150
Corsa "Captains Call"
Corsa Replacement Solenoid
Corsa Solenoid Testing Procedures
Standard Mercury Alpha/Bravo Exhaust Hole Locations

Exhaust Manifold Systems:
Exhaust Manifold Comparison (excerpt from BBC Marine Performance by Dennis Moore)
CMI 496 E-Top Exhaust Installation
Log Manifold Cooling Water Diagram
Over Transom Header Cooling Water Diagram
Hardin Marine Cast Aluminum Exhaust Manifolds Installation
Hardin Hurricane Lite Fuel Filter Relocation
Stainless Marine Custom Tailpipes Measurement Sheet
Hardin Hurricane Lite Water Line Plumbing
Hardin Hurricane Seaward Series Installation Instructions
How to Measure 8.1L 496 Riser Height

Exhaust Tips/Flappers:
410-280173 - Butterfly Flappers

Hardin Flame Arrestor Order Form:
Custom Flame Arrestors

Fuel Level Sender:
620-91380/400/420/440/460 - Old Style Fuel Level Sender
105-91380 to 91460 - Autocal Fuel Level Sender
Programmable Fuel Sender

Fuel Filters:
625-7669 HP High Volume Fuel Filter/Separator
625-7668 Standard High Volume Filter/Separator

Fuel Pressure Regulators:
620-15528 - Adjustable Regulator HP500 EFI
620-15529 - Adjustable Regulator 454/502 EFI
- Dana Fuel Pressure Regulator 496

Fuel Pumps:
755-5920 Fuel Pump Upgrade

Fuel Pump Switch:
620-12400 Fuel Pump Safety Switch

Fuel Valves:
421-SF-20 - Superflow Fuel Valve

Hardin Marine Gauge Wiring Instructions
105-979250 - GPS Cable Harness Wiring Layout
105-979260 - Square GPS Cable Harness Wiring (For Hardin GPS Speedos)
Autometer Electric Gauges
Autometer GPS
Autometer Tachometer Wiring

Autometer LS Engine Install Kit

Hatch Actuators/Lifts:
620-920018/24 - Hardin Hatch Actuator Installation
620-3316 Single Actuator Accelerator Kit
620-434 Dual Actuator Accelerator Kit
Livorsi/Thompson Hatch Actuators

Exhaust Header & Tailpipe Measurements:
620-33000 Hurricane Turn Down Collector
620-33050 Hurricane Straight Collector
620-34000 Typhoon Headers
620-34010 Typhoon Headers Narrow
620-35000 Tornado Headers
Lightning Headers
Lightning Jet Boat Headers
Lightning Generic Headers
How to build Custom Tailpipes
Hardin Marine Cyclone Tailpipe Measurements
Hardin Seaward Custom Tailpipe Sheet
Hardin Marine Hurricane Tailpipe Measurements
Hardin Marine Typhoon Tailpipe Measurements
Hardin Marine Straight Back Tailpipe Measurements
Standard Mercury Alpha/Bravo Exhaust Hole Locations
496 Exhaust Hole Locations
Mercury Service Bulletin - Gil/Merc Hi-Perf Tailpipe Change
KE Manifold Dimensions
KE Tailpipe Dimensions
KE Tailpipe Dimensions

Ignition Switches:
105-10* Keyless Ignition Switch Pad

Ignition Brackets:
620-09004 Stainless Steel Head Mount Bracket

Intercooler Plumbing:
Multi-Stage Water Pump with a Sand Strainer
Multi-Stage Water Pump without a Sand Strainer
Force Feed Plumbing with a Sand Strainer

LED Lighting:
RGB LED Lights

Livorsi Marine Products:
All Livorsi Tech Support & Instructions
Old 3-Wire GPS Gauge Instructions
Universal Livorsi Gauge Instructions

Max Volt Ignition Components:
121-1200 Max Volt Catalyst Eliminator
121-2560 Max Volt MV-D6 Ignition Control Box
121-3560 Max Volt Billet V8 Chevy Distributor
121-3606 Max Volt Billet "Run Ready" V8 Chevy Distributor 

Motor Mounts:
625-8520 - Front Shipping Engine Mount
625-8521 - Front Side by Side Engine Mount
625-8522 - Front Staggered Engine Mount
625-8820 - Rear Shipping Engine Mount
625-8821 - Rear Side by Side Engine Mount
625-8822 - Rear Staggered Engine Mount
625-8527 - New Style Side by Side Front Engine Mount
625-8528 - New Style Single Front Engine Mount

MSD Ignition:
MSD's Tech Help Website - Help Direct from MSD
120-8560/8562/85806 - Pro-Billet Distributors
120-83506/83606/85296 - Ready To Run Distributors
120-8200/8223/8222 - Blaster Coil
120-6460/6560 - 6M-2 & 6M-2L Ignition Control Boxes
120-8467 - Rotor
120-8565 - Distributor Cap
120-5468 - Marine Engine Protector
120-8768 - Soft Touch Rev Control
120-4489 - Marine Shift Assist
120-8464  - Centrifugal Advance Kit
MSD Ignition Troubleshooting

Navigation Lights:
680-204-M - Accon Pop-Up Bow Light
Livorsi LED Running Lights

Nose Cones:
620-11250 - Bravo Nose Cone

Oil Block Adapters:
625-7916 - Side Inlet Block Adapter

Oil Filters:
Thermofilter Diagram
Remote Oil Thermostat Drawing

Oil Pans:
620-910610 & 614 - Oil Pan Pick-up Installation

525-3110T1 - Mercury XZ Bravo Gears Kit Part Listing
137-963X - Mayfair Standoff Box Installation

Outdrive Showers:
130-1008 - Sport Tech Outdrive Shower
130-1009 - Super Cooler Bravo Outdrive Shower
130-1016 - Sport Tech Outdrive Shower
130-1010 - Crossfire Outdrive Shower

Power Steering Bracket:
620-910080 - Power Steering Bracket

M3 Lower Mount Bracket
496 Procharger Installation Instructions
350 Mercruiser Carbureted Instructions
350 Mercruiser Mag MPI Instructions
525 HP EFI Mercruiser Instructions

Shifters & Controls:
620-S510 - Installation Instruction
620-60215, 60219 - N-Control Foot Throttles


ATI Procharger Pulley Replacement Instructions
TBS Supercharger Installation
Whipple 454/502 Installation

620-70109 Hi-Torque Ford Starter
620-3120 Hi-Torque Chevy Starter
620-3130 Hi-Torque Olds 455 Starter

Teleflex Helm Install
Uflex T-71 Series Helm Installation
Mayfair 137-9150 Inside Hydraulic Steering
Mayfair 137-9151 Inside Hydraulic Steering
Mayfair 137-9150 Inside Hydraulic Steering, Revised 7-13-12
Mayfair 137-9151 Inside Hydraulic Steering, Revised 7-13-12
137-9120 Steering Post
How-To Determine length and assemble Hydraulic hose

Mayfair Steering:

Generation 2 Modular Wing Plate Style
Add-on Components Brazillian Manifold
135-1040 Brazil Valve Manifold Assembly
Add-on Components Saginaw Shuttle Valve
Full Hydraulic System
Full Hydraulic System Revised 7-13-12
How To Measure
Transom Bracket Template
Ram Measurements
137-9443 End Cap Installation

Throttle Linkage:
Supercharger Throttle Linkage Kit

Timing Tools:
525-91-747508 - Mercury EFI Timing Tool

Trim Tabs & Indicators:
Mayfair Trim Indicators (ALL MODELS)
Actuator Kit for Bravo Drive Trim Ram
Mayfair/Hardin Marine Trim Tab and Pump Installation (NEW STYLE - 2013 & UP)
Mayfair/Hardin Marine After-Plane Trim Tabs & Pump (OLD STYLE - PRE 2013)
620-122700* - Leakproof Trim Pump Caps
Dana Trim Switches
Dana HP Series Trim Tab Mounting Template
Stainless Marine Indicator Information Sheet

Warning Buzzer:
Warning Buzzer Kit 465-M40177BP

Water Injection Valves:
Banderlog Valve #210-26050

Water Pickups:
Dual Rams Horn Water Pickup Template

Water Pumps:
Hardin Multi-Stage Pump Rear Cover Versions
500-392100 Neovane Repair Kit
625-4178 Stainless Sea Pump Overhaul Kit

Westland Boat Covers:
Measurement Sheet - For semi-custom covers

Wiring Harnesses:
Wiring Harness Color Codes
620-08801 - 455 Oldsmobile Engine Wiring Harness
620-08803 - 460 Ford Engine Wiring Harness
620-08802 - B/B & S/B Chevrolet Engine Wiring Harness
620-08817 - Universal Engine Harness with Solenoid
620-08840 - Universal 20' boat Wiring Harness
620-08904 - MSD Ignition Contol Wire Harness
Mercury Standard Wiring Color Codes
Standard Boat Wiring Color Codes

Xtreme Offshore Shifter Controls:
Part Number Matrix
Custom Configuration Specification