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Swivel Rigging Connector - 2" ID / 2.5" OD Hose

Swivel Rigging Connector Only - Fits 2" ID / 2.5" OD Hose - Hose Not Included

While the rest of the world is stuck in just one spot Hardin Marine has taken on the challenge to design the freedom of movement for your outboards rigging hose connection. With more movement than ever from today's popular outboard engines when being trimmed or stored for travel the industry has been faced with kinked rigging hoses and cowling damage due to the rigid hoes connection option that has only been available until now.

Hardin new non-corrosive 2264 Delrin directional swivel hose connection provides 12 degrees of angle for hose/ tube movement and a water tight seal. With hidden non-exposed mounting hardware this unit features the ultimate in a clean smooth finish.

Attachment of the rigging hose couldn't be easier as the unit is threaded so that the rigging hose screws counter clockwise into the swivel ball connector requiring no additional hardware for hose attachment for the ultimate in finished appearance.

The 3/4" tall flange has a 5" diameter OEM factory mounting foot print. and requires a 3-3/8” hole to install with (4) #10 fasteners (included). The Connector assembly measures 2-1/2" overall installed height.

This Multi angle rigging tube connector is available in a OEM black finish or with an optional polished Stainless Steel, or powder coated trim ring both individually or as a kit with rigging hose.

Picture: Description:
Base Black Delrin
Base Black Delrin
Part Number: 755-1000
MSRP: $75.00
Your Price: $59.99
You Save: 20% off MSRP!

Stainless Steel Bezel
Stainless Steel Bezel
Part Number: 755-1001
MSRP: $145.00
Your Price: $124.99
You Save: 14% off MSRP!

Powercoated Color Bezel
Powercoated Color Bezel
Part Number: 755-1005
MSRP: $169.99
Your Price: $139.99
You Save: 18% off MSRP!

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350/350 PRO/400R VERADO (4-STROKE)(6 CYLINDER) - 350 PRO VERADO (4-Stroke)(6 CYL.) 200/225 DFI (3.0L) - 225 (DFI) 3.0L
200/225 DFI (3.0L)(DTS) - 225 (3.0L-DFI)(DTS) 200/225/250/200 PRO XS (3.0L)(MECHANICAL) - 250 (DFI) 3.0L
135/140/150/200/XR6/MAGNUM III/140JET (2.5L)(CARB) - V-135 135/140/150/200/XR6/MAGNUM III/140JET (2.5L)(CARB) - 140 JET
200/225/250/275/300 4-STROKE VERADO (6 CYLINDER) - 200 VERADO (4-STROKE)(6 CYL.) 200/250/300 PRO 4-STROKE VERADO (6 CYLINDER) - 200 PRO VERADO (4-STROKE)(6 CYL.)
135/140/150/200/XR6/MAGNUM III/140JET (2.5L)(CARB) - XR-6 135/140/150/200/XR6/MAGNUM III/140JET (2.5L)(CARB) - V-200
200/225 (3.0L)(MECHANICAL) - 225 (DFI) 3.0L 200/225/250/275/300 VERADO (4-STROKE)(6 CYLINDER) - 200 VERADO (4-STROKE)(6 CYL.)
135/140/150/200/XR6/MAGNUM III/140JET (2.5L)(CARB) - V-150 200 OPTIMAX V6 DFI - 200 PRO XS (DFI) 3.0L
200/250/300 PRO 4-STROKE VERADO (6 CYLINDER) - 300 PRO VERADO (4-STROKE)(6 CYL.) 200/225/250/200 PRO XS (3.0L)(MECHANICAL) - 200 PRO XS (DFI) 3.0L
350/350 PRO/400R VERADO (4-STROKE)(6 CYLINDER) - 400 VERADO (4-Stroke)(6 CYL.) 200/225/250/275 4-STROKE VERADO - 225 VERADO (4-STROKE)(6 CYL.)
200/250/300 PRO VERADO (4-STROKE)(6 CYLINDER) - 200 PRO VERADO (4-Stroke)(6 CYL.) 135/140/150/200/XR6/MAGNUM III/140JET (2.5L)(CARB) - MAGNUM III
135/150/175/200 4-STROKE - 150 VERADO (4-STROKE)(4 CYL.) 200/225/250/200 PRO XS (3.0L)(MECHANICAL) - 225 (DFI) 3.0L
135/140/150/200/XR6/MAGNUM III/140JET (2.5L)(CARB) - V-140 (INTERNATIONAL) 135/150/175 4-STROKE - 175 VERADO (4-STROKE)(4 CYL.)
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