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VSS Motorized Battery Switch
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VSS Motorized Battery Switch


The VSS (Voltage Sensitive Switch) Motorized Battery Switch performs an automated paralleling function during charging, which allows two separate batteries to be charged as one.

  • Auto Engagement of VSS: When the charging source is higher than 13.7VDC for more than 5 seconds, the VSS will engage.
  • Auto Disengagement of VSS: When the battery drop under 12.2VDC, VSS will be disengaged.
  • Same as BEP 58647

Emergency Parallel Function: The VSS Emergency Parallel Function can be operated through a remotely mounted momentary switch or button. The VSS will remain in parallel mode for 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes the voltage on either has not reached 13.0V the VSS will disengage. If the voltage reaches 13.0V on either battery the VSS will remain engaged and both batteries will continue to be charged. At any time depressing and holding momentary switch or button for 5 seconds will disengage the VSS.

Manual Override: The automatic operating of the VSS can be overridden at anytime by depressing the control knob and turning clockwise towards the "Manual On" position or anti clockwise towards the "Manual Off" position. Once the VSS attempts an automated function whilst in manual override, it determines it is in manual override (On or Off) and the LED will start flashing rapidly.

Marine Grade 6 Circuit Fuse Panel
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Waterproof Circuit Breaker Holder


Waterproof Circuit Breaker Holder
  • Circuit Breaker and wiring not included.