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Dart BBC Aluminum PRO 1 Cylinder Heads w/ Valves

Dart BBC Aluminum Cylinder Heads - Dart Aluminum PRO 1 Cylinder Head with Valves Only (Pair)

PRO1 aluminum big-block cylinder heads deliver "out-of-the-box" airflow that beatsthe competition - at an unbeatable price!  Specifically designed forperformance marine engines, PRO 1 heads make Pro Stock airflow technologyaffordable for every big-block owner.

Inspired by our championship-winning Pro Stockdesigns, the PRO 1's race-proven features include rolled valve angles, improvedspark plug location, extra-long intake valves, raised exhaust ports, andfast-burn chambers - yet the PRO 1 can be used with off-the-shelf pistons, valvetrain components, and intake manifolds.  You get more power for your moneywith PRO 1.

Using advanced manufacturing techniques, we cast thePRO 1's ports with incredible accuracy.  This precision casting technologyduplicates the contours that were previously available only in hand-portedcylinder heads.

PRO 1 big-block heads are available with a choice ofthree different intake port sizes - 310cc, 325cc, and 345cc so you can match therunners to your engines displacement and RPM range perfectly.

  • Premium alloy:  Dart aluminum heads are cast from virgin 356-T6 aerospace aluminum alloy for superior strength and integrity.
  • Bolt on compatibility:  2° rolled valve angle and standard spacing.  Accommodates all stock accessories
  • Heart-shaped 119cc chambers improve combustion efficiency.
  • Raised spark plug location improves flame travel for a quicker, more complete burn - producing more power.
  • Multi-angle intake seats and radiused exhaust seats dramatically increase airflow.
  • Hardened exhaust seats are compatible with unleaded gasoline.
  • Exhaust ports raised .300" to improve flow (requires 1" longer head bolts next to exhaust ports).
  • Spark plug holes are machined and gasketed for 3/4" reach plugs.
  • Manganese bronze valve guides extend cylinder head life and reduce stem wear.
  • As-cast heads are bowl blended on 5-axis CNC machining centers.
  • Head Assemblies include heavy-duty marine stainless steel intake valves and inconel exhaust valves.
  • NEW Dielectric hardcoat surface treatment protects aluminum cylinder heads against corrosion from saltwater environments.

Final Assemblies Require Parts Kit which includes:  Valve springs,retainers, locks, seals, studs & guideplates.  (Sold Separately)

Option: Part Number: Price: Order:
275cc, 2.190" x 1.880", 121cc Chamber 825-19000010M
MSRP: $3,339.78
Your Price: $3,239.99
You Save: 3% off MSRP!
275cc, 2.250" x 1.880", 121cc Chamber 825-19000070M
MSRP: $3,337.78
Your Price: $3,237.99
You Save: 3% off MSRP!
310cc, 2.250" x 1.880", 119cc Chamber 825-19100010M
MSRP: $3,339.78
Your Price: $3,239.99
You Save: 3% off MSRP!
325cc, 2.250" x 1.880", 119cc Chamber 825-19200010M
MSRP: $3,339.78
Your Price: $3,239.99
You Save: 3% off MSRP!
325cc, 2.300" x 1.880", 119cc Chamber 825-19200030M
MSRP: $3,339.78
Your Price: $3,239.99
You Save: 3% off MSRP!
NOTE: This Item is currently out of stock. Expected Ship Date: 10/12/2021
You may place an order for this part but it will not ship until available. Any other items on your order will also not ship until this part is available. Please call us for more information.
I Understand this item is out of stock and my order will not ship until it is available. (Please Check Box)
345cc, 2.300" x 1.880", 119cc Chamber 825-19300030M
MSRP: $3,339.78
Your Price: $3,239.99
You Save: 3% off MSRP!
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