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M1000 (Black) Fuel PumpĀ 

M1000 (Black) Fuel Pump for carbureted engines making up to 1300 HP and fuel injected engines up to 700 HP, forced air induction up to 1000 HP

    HP Marine USCG Fuel Pump Features:
  • Three years of research into composite materials, coatings, and electric motor technologies
  • The only pump to flow such volume at the high pressures required
  • Continuous-run rated
  • Compatible with all pump and race gas, including EPA oxygenated and high-grade diesel
  • Meets ISO 8846, SAE J1171 & US Coast Guard requirements for ignition protection & fire resistance
  • Hard coat anodized (black) for superior surface protection
    HP Marine Fuel Pump #027-11108 Specs
  • -10AN inlet and outlet
  • Flow exceeds 700 lbs/hour @ 13.5 volts @ 45 psi
    • Carbureted engines:
    • Up to 1500 HP for naturally aspirated
    • Up to 1200 HP for forced air induction
      Fuel Injected engines:
    • Up to 1300 HP for naturally aspirated
    • Up to 1000 HP for forced air induction
Note: Compatible with all pump and racing gasoline and high grade diesel fuels.

The design of Aeromotive's in-line fuel pumps offer in-line cooling that extends the life of your boats fuel pump. Their innovative body design uses integrated cooling fins to deliver maximum cooling and integral mounting feet for no hassle installation. Every pump is tested for pressure, flow and current draw to ensure top performance of every configuration at the track, on the street or in the water. Pumps are certified to ISO 8846, SAE J1171, and U.S. Coast Guard requirements for ignition protection & fire resistance. A new black anodized marine pump is offered with a two year warranty standard.

MSRP: $593.99
Your Price: $508.99
You Save: 14% off MSRP!

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