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S/B Chevy Valve Spring Oiling System 

Small Block Chevy Valve Spring Oiling System- 3/8" Thick 

Valve cover rails are a Keith Eickert exclusive product that has been designed to solve the problem of excessive valve train failure. Valve spring fatigue and failure cause by long duration engine operation at higher engine rpm’s. Valve spring oilers are an industry standard in many forms of professional motorsports. Now this system can easily be installed on nearly all small block chevrolet application to dramatically extend valve train life. Simple 1/16" NPT single female oil inlets per rail provide ease of plumbing. Sold in pairs.

TECH: On engines with a higher average rpm and power band the stock oil flow thru the valve train can be marginal at best. This is a very common cause of premature wear and escalating oil temps. Most conditions on endurance applications such as performance boats or off shore race boats plumbing a separate pressurized spray bar to cool valve springs and rockers that feeds from either a passage in the block or a separate oil supply has proven to be extremely key to long term durability, because the rapid cycling torsional stress on valve springs can easily cause them to heat to over 700F if not bathed in a constant flow of oil that absorbs and carry's away the heat that builds up rapidly, many shaft rocker systems have strategically located oil shaft holes that direct flowing oil to the valve springs and rockers. Most people don't understand that almost 1/2 of an engines total heat comes from the valve train and bearing friction.

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