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Marine Exhaust Manifolds, Headers, Tailpipes, Risers and Accessories

We've built this guide to help you get a little more information on the parts we offer by organizing the information in an easy to use web guide. Exhaust systems are an important part of your marine engine. Typically, Marine Exhaust manifolds and headers are the last stop for the cooling water running through your engine before it is dumped overboard. The exceptions to this are dry tailpipes and closed cooling engines. Basic Marine Exhaust is typically made out of cast iron. Cast iron is very heavy and it is not used in any kind of performance exhaust. Cast aluminum manifolds are typically the first level of performance exhaust. Much lighter than iron, the weight savings alone helps performance. Most aluminum manifolds are cast with individual exhaust runners to improve performance, many cast aluminum systems are paired with stainless steel risers and tailpipes for ever better performance. The best hi-performance exhaust comes in the form of Stainless Steel Header systems. These tubular header systems are the top of the line technology when it comes to getting the most out of your boat. Check out the categories below to get more info on a specfic brand or group of accessories.

Click on a Category below to get more information:

Exhaust Gaskets by Hardin Marine
Heavy Duty Marine Exhaust Hose
Over Transom Header Accessories
Manifold Spacers and Adapters
Tubing, Bends and Cover Plates

Bassett Racing Water Injected Headers:
Over and Thru-Transom Style Headers by Bassett

Gil Marine Systems:

Tailpipes and Risers for Gil Manifolds
Gil/Hardin Performance Exhaust System (Superceded, see Hardin Section)
Gil Manifolds and Tailpipes

Glenwood Exhaust Systems:

Glenwood Log Style Manifolds
Log Risers and Gaskets

GLM Cast Iron Exhaust Systems:

Cast Iron Replacement Kits by GLM

Hardin Marine Exhaust Systems:

Cyclone Header Systems
Gil Replacement Manifolds and Tailpipes
Hardin /HGE Mercruiser Replacement Aluminum Exhaust Kits
Hurricane Big Tube Swept Headers
Other Hardin Exhaust
Stainless Steel Mercury Replacement Risers by Hardin Marine
Tailpipes and Risers for Hardin Cyclone and Gil Replacement Manifolds
Typhoon Header Systems

Hi-Tek Exhaust Systems:

Stainless Steel Manifolds by Hi-Tek

IMCO Marine Exhaust Systems:

Powerflow and Thumper Exhaust by Imco

Keith Eickert Systems:

Cast Aluminum Headers from Keith Eickert (No Longer Available)

Lightning Headers:

Water Jacketed Performance Headers by Lightning

Rewarder Custom Marine Water Injected Headers:

Over Transom Headers and Zoomies by Rewarder

Stainless Marine Exhaust Systems:

Hi-Torque and Hi-Torque Gen III from Stainless Marine

Exhaust Diverters:

Exhaust Diverters by Corsa
Hardin Marine Sound-Select Exhaust Diverters

Exhaust Tips/Ports:

Custom Stainless Steel Tips by Hardin Marine
Replacement Flaps & Accessories
Transom Seals & Rings


Cyclone Series Full Time Silencers
Cyclone Series Switchable Silencers
Hardin Marine Part-Time Silencer Kits
Slip-In Silencer Kits