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CP Performance Boaters Shopping and Product Info Guide
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Hardin Marine's Cyclone Series Full Time Silencers

The Cyclone series silencer systems have quickly become the worlds most sought after exhaust silencer systems. Through Aerospace inspired technology, the cyclone series silencers use an exclusive delta style core surrounded by a sound expansion chamber. This design have been proven to accelerate airflow through the silencers while redirecting the sound airwaves to reduce harsh exhaust noise. Adequate noise reductions of as much as 20% have been experienced without adversely affecting horsepower or torque. These silencers are constructed of nothing but the best in 316L stainless steel materials offering the very longest life span and superior corrosion resistance. Hardin Marine recognizes that there is no way that a "one size fits all" silencer could meet every boaters needs. Through extensive research and development, the Cyclone series silencers have been designed in four specific sizes, offering the perfect balance of power and noise reduction for any application.

hardin marine logoOne question we are always asked is how much noise is a decibel? Here is the definition of a decibel.

A unit of measurement of the loudness or strength of a signal. One deciBel is considered the smallest difference in sound level that the human ear can discern. Created in the early days of telephony as a way to measure cable and equipment performance and named after Alexander Graham Bell, deciBels (dBs) are a relative measurement derived from two signal levels: a reference input level and an observed output level.

A deciBel is the logarithm of the ratio of the two levels. One Bel is when the output signal is 10x that of the input, and one deciBel is 1/10th of a Bel.

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Hardin Marine
Tomahawk Transom Mount Silencers

tomahawk transom mount silencer

The new Tomahawk muffler is the best on the market and it's affordable. They are available in both full time and air actuated diverting models. Now high performance engines can be run at full throttle in the closed or full time position with minimal if any back pressure. These mufflers are designed to have a minimum 150% cross sectional area. This means more airflow and more power for you to enjoy. Maybe the best feature of the air actuated system is that there are no actuating parts visible from the outside of the boat. No ugly actuators, just clean lines.

  • 316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • Triple Baffle & Screen Maximizes Noise Reduction Capability
  • Highly Polished to a Mirror Finish
  • Weighted Flapper Inside to Avoid Water Surges
  • Mates with 4" ID Exhaust Hose
  • Allows for up to 2-1/2" Transom Thickness to fit most boats
  • Full Time Version includes baffle that is bolted into the end of the muffler but can be easily removed for even less restriction.
Part No. Description
410-282415 Full Time Tomahawk Silencer (pair)
Hardin Marine
Replacement 496 & 496HO Silencer System

496 496ho silencer system

This silencer system was specifically designed and tested to comply with the J-2005 SAE testing standards that are being rigorously implemented on national waterways. The apparent problem that the Mercury 496 & 496HO is an open exhaust configuration that does not comply with the latest noise level limits required by law. This can now be rectified with these direct replacement silencers. In recent testing by "Hot Boat" magazine this system dropped the noise level to a legal 85/86 decibels. Each contains 1 pair of highly polished 316L direct replacement silencer tips plus 1 pair of external exhaust flappers.

Sold in pairs.

Part No. Description
410-282410 Direct Replacement 496/496HO Silencer System
Hardin Marine
XPM525 Performance Clamp-on Mufflers

XPM525 Transom Mount Muffler System XPM525 Transom Mount Muffler System

Hardin Marine has just introduced their latest performance mufflers, the XPM525. These new silencers address the J-2005 SAE test that is now the standard in many states including California. In a recent independent test, these silencers showed a 12.2-decibel noise reduction at idle speed when mounted on the Mercury 525 engine package. This brought the test boat down to 88db passing the stringent California noise ordinance enacted this year. When installed on a test boat equipped with the 496 engine package, the mufflers brought it down to 88db.

The XPM525's are constructed entirely from 316L stainless steel in order to provide the maximum corrosion resistance available in saltwater applications. These mufflers do not have any moving parts or packing to wear out. The significant sound reduction is accomplished with a 5-inch 2-phase expansion chamber in conjunction with a center sound wave baffle. The unique down-turned design helps to keep spray and carbon residue from accumulating on the boats transom. Heavy-duty external exhaust flappers are included to prevent any chance of water ingestion through the exhaust system.

Installation is simple. The XPM525 muffler system is designed to clamp onto any 4" O.D. tailpipe or exhaust tip using an integral stainless band clamp and a 1/8" set screw for added security. The mufflers are 12-1/2" in overall length.

The meticulous hand polished finish bring these mufflers to a show quality shine making them a beautiful addition to any boat while maintaining their necessary functionality.

Sold in pairs.

Part No. Description
410-283402 4" XPM525 Clamp-on Muffler System
410-282407 4" XPM525 Transom Mount Muffler System

Hardin Marine
Cyclone Transom Mount Series Silencer: HP-T1

Cyclone Transom Mount Series Silencer

This model Cyclone series silencers offer all of the same distinctive construction features along with the advantage of sharing the feature of the exhaust tip, by incorporating the silencer and the tip into one unit. This unit is perfect for a factory looking installation. The transom mount series is available in 2 specific sizes for horsepower ratings: 1) 500 plus HP and 2) 600 plus HP. Both a straight and an angled slash cut version are available.

Sold in pairs.

Part No. Description
410-282403 4" Angled Cyclone Series Muffler 500 plus HP
410-282402 4" Straight Cyclone Series Muffler 500 plus HP
410-282451 4.5" Angled Cyclone Series with 4" hose connection 600 plus HP
410-282450 4.5" Straight Cyclone Series with 4" hose connection 600 plus HP

Hardin Marine
Cyclone Series Clamp-On Silencer: HP-CL

cyclone clamp-on silencer

These highly polished 316L stainless steel silencers are designed for the power boater looking for the simplicity of simple slide-on and clamp style installation and removal. These silencers share all of the Cyclone's exclusive construction features and are available in 4 specific sizes for horsepower ratings; up to 425HP, up to 500HP, and rating above 650. By matching the horsepower specifications, you can obtain the perfect balance of a broad power-band with reduced noise.

Sold in pairs.

Part No. Description
410-283400 4" Cyclone Series rated for engines up to 425 HP
410-283401 4" Cyclone Series rated for engines up to 500 HP
410-283450 4" Cyclone Series rated for engines up to 650 HP
410-283451 4-1/2" Cyclone Series rated for engines up to 650 HP
Exhaust Silencer
Hardin Marine Full Time Silencers

hardin marine fulltime silencer

These full-time in-line silencers are perfect for almost any application. They simply splice into your existing hose, creating no additional modifications. Their 100% stainless steel construction make them a perfect replacement for fiberglass-style mufflers. Sold in pairs.

Part No. Description
410-285300 3" Hose and 10" Long
410-285350 3-1/2" Hose and 10" Long
410-285400 4" Hose and 5" Long
Hardin Marine
"Next Generation" Silencer System
(Trumpet Tip Replacement)

next gen silencers

For nearly three decades the most common exhaust tip in use was the aluminum trumpet style exhaust ports. Unfortunately, with the latest noise regulations now in place this poses a significant problem due to the fact that there is no way to mount or integrate a muffler/silencer to the trumpet tip. These newly designed silencer tips share the same diameter mounting flange and stud configuration as the original trumpet style tips did. They extend 6-1/2" long from the transom mounting flange to the end of the tip and offer a convenient 3" hose connection. Each set comes complete with external flappers.

Sold in pairs.

Part No. Description
410-282304 3" Next Generation Silencer System
(Trumpet Tip Replacement
Hardin Marine
Stainless S-Pipe Muffler


This system is perfect for solving excessive noise problems on boats equipped with low port exhaust outlets. By incorporating the leading technology cyclone muffler system into smooth transition 4" mandrel bent 316L stainless steel elbows a 12" drop S-pipe is created. This system will replace most factory and aftermarket 12" drop standard S-pipes.

Part No. Description
410-12160 12" Drop S-pipe Muffler System