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CP Performance Boaters Shopping and Product Info Guide
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GLM Cast Iron Exhaust Systems

glm logoOver the past two decades, GLM has committed itself to producing high quality and cost effective aftermarket marine products. From superior quality materials to the most advanced computerized machinery, GLM has made a commitment to the marine industry and its consumers to deliver the most outstanding, reliable and compatible products to meet the demands of consumers.

All GLM products are brand new from factory and completely compatible and interchangeable with OEM. Advanced technology, superior materials, and compatibility constantly improve and GLM strives to include these advances in all of their products. In the year 2013 alone, they offered over a dozen new and exciting products just to their manifold line!

For marine exhaust manifolds, an accurate cast is crucial. The uniformity of GLM's internal walls enable them to increase the water cooling area inside the manifold by 30 to 40%, decreasing exhaust gas temperature and lowering overall engine compartment temperature. The accuracy of the casts prevents thin spots in the internal walls that can corrode prematurely, possibly causing severe engine damage. The casting accuracy increases the life of the manifold, thus reducing costly repairs for the boat owner. By tuning the manifolds (separating the exhaust cylinders internally) GLM is able to increase the engine's efficiency, which results in fuel savings and increased power.

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Big Block Chevy
Big Block Chevy

  • Direct Replacement for Mercruiser Big Block Chevy 454/502 Manifolds and Risers
  • Manifolds and 4" Risers Constructed from Cast Iron and painted with black corrosion resistant paint.
  • Individual Runners for Improved Performance over Stock Manifolds
  • Includes Bolts and Gaskets

Part No. Description
700-58242 Stock Mercury Replacement 4" Exhaust Kit
700-58241 Stock Mercury Replacement 3" Exhaust Kit
700-51240 Mercruiser BBC Exhaust Manifold 807078T08
Small Block Chevy
Small block chevy
Part No. Description
700-51230 Exhaust Manifold
700-58630 Complete Exhaust Manifold Set
700-58231 Complete Manifold & Conversion Kit
700-58232 Stock Mercury Replacement Exhaust Kit
700-58430 Complete Exhaust Manifold and Conversion Kit
700-58410 Complete Exhaust Manifold and Conversion Kit
Small Block Ford
small block ford
Part No. Description
700-58490 Complete Exhaust Manifold and Conversion Kit (carb. engine)
700-58491 Complete Exhaust Manifold and Conversion Kit (efi engine)
Spacer Kits
Spacer Kits

Riser Extension Kits. These are used to raise the level of the exhaust riser to keep a downward exhaust slope. Cast Iron with gaskets and mounting hardware.

Part No. Description
700-50310 3" high for use with 4" exhaust riser.
700-50610 6" Spacer Kit
Tailpipes & Risers
Tailpipes & Risers
Part No. Description
700-51110 3" Exhaust Elbow
700-51140 4" Exhaust Elbow
V-6 Chevy
V-6 Chevy

Replaces MerCruiser part # 99746A17

V6 / V6 Dry Joint Replacement Exhaust Manifold. 3" / 4" Riser.

    Comes with:
  • 700-32170 Exhaust Manifold Gasket
  • 700-13990 Hose Fitting
  • 700-30240 Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Part No. Description
700-51220 Exhaust Manifold Assembly