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CP Performance Boaters Shopping and Product Info Guide
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Marine Fuel Systems

Choosing A Carburetor
Barry Grant Demon Carburetors
Blake Carburetors
Edelbrock Carburetors
Hardin Marine (Carb/intake Kits)
Holley Carburetors

Carburetors & Accessories:
Adapters, Spacers & Gaskets

EFI Upgrade Kits
Engine Covers (496 Mag & HO)

Flame Arrestors:
K&N Engineering
Hardin Marine

Flame Arrestor Accessories:
Air Intake Enhancers
Air Scoops
Cleaning Kits
Mounting Stud Kits
Naugahyde Scoop Covers
Vent Adapters
Velocity Stacks

Fuel Blocks
Fuel Fills
Fuel Fill Bezels
Fuel Filter Heads & Filters
Fuel Injection Systems
Fuel Lines
Fuel Pressure Regulators

Fuel Pumps:
Block Off Plates & Mounts
Electric Fuel Pumps
Mechanical Fuel Pumps

Fuel Tank Returns
Fuel Tanks
Fuel Valves
Fuel Vents
Throttle Brackets
Throttle Linkage